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You may have already noticed that we have a brand new website!

Julia and Russell have completely revamped and redesigned everything. We also have a new subscription model that allows you to access the content you need for less.

Take a look around, enjoy your new Digiversity experience and let us know if you have any questions or feedback! You can find our chat in the bottom right corner.

This Just In

Russell and Julia are here to sprinkle some joy with their delightful mix of fun tips, exciting news, and a dash of pure nonsense in our new This Just In Section!

Russell Viers
April 12, 2024

Newspaper Technology Roundtable Replay

The premiere of the first Digiversity.tv Newspaper Technology Roundtable is now available for you to rewatch.

Topics and questions we're covering in this Episode:

  • InDesign's new Feature "Style Packs" and how to format a story with the click of a single button and how to use this new features across documents and your team
  • Designing custom bullet lists in InDesign
  • Adobe Fonts and how to install them to your computer and activate them in your documents
  • Setting up global preferences in InDesign
  • Adding color Swatches and Gradients globally to all new InDesign Documents
  • Adding global Paragraph Styles in InDesign to all new Documents
  • Q&A: Can I get more Colors Swatches from Adobe?
  • Create your own Adobe Swatch Exchange File (ASE)
  • Extract Color from Art in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop's new Generative Fill Feature
  • Adobe Illustrator's new Art to Live Text Feature
  • Q&A: Converting RGB Ads to CMYK?
Julia Viers
April 11, 2024

Practicing color the playful way

In order to better recognize colors when painting, it is important to practice color studies. Recognizing subtle nuances and understanding color contrasts is something that comes with practice and experience. But if you don't have time to do a color study every day, there's a fun puzzle game I like to play to train my eyes and learn to see colors. It's a mobile game called Hexagon of Hue and is available for both Iphone and Android.
It starts out pretty simple, but soon you will have to distinguish a higher number of color swatches with less contrast and saturation. Its highly addictive to play and can improve your color intuition pretty quickly.
It's also free!

Julia Viers
March 15, 2024

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What's New?

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Russel Viers
Julia Viers
Nov 27, 2023
10 minute on Manual
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October 5, 2023
Power User

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Julia Viers
Russell Viers

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Illustrator is a totally different animal than Photoshop. To simplify: Illustrator is Vector. If you don't know what that means, you should watch this episode before you start the series.

Power User

Using CC Libraries, Adobe Stock Vectors, and InDesign? You may run into a snag. Let us show you the cause and the solution to this mystery.

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I love this tool! I use it OFTEN, and still smile every time I do. It allows you to change the position of the space between frames with a simple drag of the mouse…and much more.

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I'm so happy to report that Illustrator now has a History Panel. In this Episode we'll see how simple it is to use, and how limited.

Power User

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