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Russell and Julia are here to sprinkle some joy with their delightful mix of fun tips, exciting news, and a dash of pure nonsense!

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Russell Viers
April 12, 2024

Newspaper Technology Roundtable Replay

The premiere of the first Digiversity.tv Newspaper Technology Roundtable is now available for you to rewatch.

Topics and questions we're covering in this Episode:

  • InDesign's new Feature "Style Packs" and how to format a story with the click of a single button and how to use this new features across documents and your team
  • Designing custom bullet lists in InDesign
  • Adobe Fonts and how to install them to your computer and activate them in your documents
  • Setting up global preferences in InDesign
  • Adding color Swatches and Gradients globally to all new InDesign Documents
  • Adding global Paragraph Styles in InDesign to all new Documents
  • Q&A: Can I get more Colors Swatches from Adobe?
  • Create your own Adobe Swatch Exchange File (ASE)
  • Extract Color from Art in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop's new Generative Fill Feature
  • Adobe Illustrator's new Art to Live Text Feature
  • Q&A: Converting RGB Ads to CMYK?
Julia Viers
April 11, 2024

Practicing color the playful way

In order to better recognize colors when painting, it is important to practice color studies. Recognizing subtle nuances and understanding color contrasts is something that comes with practice and experience. But if you don't have time to do a color study every day, there's a fun puzzle game I like to play to train my eyes and learn to see colors. It's a mobile game called Hexagon of Hue and is available for both Iphone and Android.
It starts out pretty simple, but soon you will have to distinguish a higher number of color swatches with less contrast and saturation. Its highly addictive to play and can improve your color intuition pretty quickly.
It's also free!

Julia Viers
March 15, 2024

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Aaaaaaand Post!

Russell Viers
March 13, 2024

Free Webinar: InDesign Long Documents Tips And Tricks

Join us Friday, March 15 at 10 am Pacific for our 75-minute free webinar to discover advanced InDesign techniques for creating long, repetitive, or complex documents.

Topics include:

  • Useful parent (master) page tricks
  • Understanding how to keep design elements consistent with the Synchronize feature
  • Key preferences you need to change
  • A must-have script for placing PDF files
  • How the Book panel can help (and how to use it properly)

You can register here.

Julia Viers
January 19, 2024

Rolled back to Photoshop 2021 today - A.I. No thanks!

The recent updates to artificial intelligence in Photoshop, housed in the new contextual taskbar and generative fill, have been on my mind a lot lately.

If you don't know what generative fill is, it allows you to "add, remove or enhance content in images directly in Adobe Photoshop with simple text instructions powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI". You must have Photoshop version 25.0 installed to access Generative Fill.

I am by no means a fan of this and have found that it affects whether or not and how often I want to paint in Photoshop lately. Just knowing that this feature exists bothered me.

If you're like me or want to revert back to an older version of a Creative Cloud software, you can do so in the Creative Cloud app on your computer by navigating to "Applications" and then clicking on the icon with the three little dots to open a drop-down menu. There you can click on "Other versions" and install an older version of the application you are looking for.

I am now working on Photoshop 2021 v 22.2, free from the Generative Fill Feature. Back to work.

Russell Viers
November 7, 2023

InDesign will only let me open 135 documents at a time!!!!!

When I am working on a project with LOTS of documents, I oftentimes need them all open at the same time.

For example, when doing a global find/change, I can push that change to ALL OPEN DOCUMENTS. Well, if I have 300 documents and can only do 135 at a time, that’s frustrating.

Another reason I like them all open at the same time is when I synchronize documents using the Book Panel. If all of the documents are open, and the synchronize had a problem, a simple Edit>Undo brings them all back to where you started. If documents are closed when you synchronize, you own your mistake.

And InDesign doesn't tell you they can't open that many documents. They give you this warning, which gives you no clue that the problem MIGHT be that you're opening more documents than ID can handle. So after some fumbling, I figured out what this cryptic message actually means. The problem has nothing to do with permissions or the document being open already.

And to top it all off: If you are trying to open 300 documents, you have click OK for the remainder of the documents it's trying to open. So 300 minus 135... ... carry the 9, that's 165 times I have to click OK to get out of this mess.

Russell Viers
October 29, 2023

Building a Bike

Hit a snag yesterday with the new bike build. The company that built the frame advertised it will fit 35mm tires. Well, that was a bit optimistic, as once I've added brakes, I have to move the axle all the way to the ends of the dropouts. Not comfortable with that. The fork is a definate "no." After a chat with the frame builder, they admitted the fork they sold me is wrong and so getting a new one. As for the frame, I have some ideas.
Moving forward!

Julia Viers
October 5, 2023

Visual Storytelling for News (all) Photos

Shoot more engaging photos with the simple techniques shared in this episode, as well as some tools to help you sort and adjust photos faster.

Join Russell & Julia on this episode of Digiversity.tv LIVE as they not only show you how to compose your shots differently, they also talk about camera settings that make a difference and the Adobe tools to help you sort and adjust photos faster.

Streaming Oct. 5

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