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If you've made it this far, something must have caught your attention. Maybe it was the video training, various blog articles, live show, tutorials, news feed, or maybe you just want to see what projects Russell and Julia are working on these days. Well, the good news is that a lot of it is free, all you have to do is register. If you want more, there are plans just for you, shown below.

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Free Membership

Create your FREE Account and get access to the Digiversity.tv Live Feed, Livestream + Chat and handpicked Free Educational Episodes of our Courses.

This Just In!

The Digiversity.tv News Feed

Russell & Julia are no longer active on social media, but they're more active than ever. They don't live in a cave, they just want people to think they do. Truth is, they are almost always creating and experiencing. That might be as simple as taking shots of something interesting along the way with an iphone or digital camera, or it might be drawing a portrait using charcoal on paper. It might be building a custom bike or creating a new cinnamon roll recipe.

Who knows.

So check out the News Feed and see what they are up to today.

Free Membership

Digiversity.tv Live

Welcome to the Show,!

Step into the lively atmosphere of our studio audience as Julia & Russell go LIVE!

It's more than just a passive viewing experience as we invite you to actively get engaged with the show. Joining the studio audience means you're not only witnessing the action but becoming an integral part of it. Join the live chat to connect with us, share your thoughts, ask questions, and enjoy a dynamic interaction.

Your questions matter, and we want to hear them. Imagine having the chance to directly ask Julia & Russell about their experiences, thoughts on the show, or even their favorite moments.

Free Membership

Free Episodes

Get access to hand-picked, free educational Videos!

There are many episodes from the extensive Digiversity.tv video library that are available to watch for FREE. Perhaps the video supports a blog article, goes along with a tutorial, or is just free because we want it to be.

No matter the reason, these videos are included for viewing in the free membership. *which videos are free change often and we don't do requests.

Free Membership

Basic Membership

Get access to the Digiversity.tv Live Video Library, our elaborate Digitorials, our Checkin' the Mail Library, as well as the Digi Bites & Adobe CC Practical Jokes video series.

Digiversity.tv Live Library

Missed a show? Get access to all past Livestreams.

The spectrum of topics covered on Digiversity.tv LIVE is quite amazing. One episode might be about mastering Styles in InDesign and the next using Illustrator to create elaborate illustrations. You might even tune in and see Julia creating sculptures with clay. It's all over the place.

There are even a few episodes with guests so you can see how they create their art. Fun.

Now you'll have access to more than two years of live shows so rich in content you're bound to learn a lot.

Basic Membership


Our newest feature!

Sometimes it helps to learn something new like cooking a complicated meal using a recipe. In our tutorials, you'll be guided step-by-step on ways to use various Adobe tools to create amazing results.

Some tutorials are illustration and art focused, while others teach production techniques to work faster and easier.

Basic Membership

Digi Bites

Sometimes our training videos are Fun Size!

Learning something new doesn't have to take hours. In fact, our Digi Bites videos are just a few minutes long and teach simple tricks and tips that Julia & Russell actually use on real projects.

Basic Membership

What's New? Adobe Creative Cloud

Keeping up with the new stuff!

Have you ever seen someone using a feature in the Adobe software that you didn't know existed, then asked "Is that new?" They reply that it isn't and has been there for several versions. Oops, that one slipped by.

In this series, Digiversity.tv offers videos on new features of the software as it comes out, and keeps previous new release videos up so nothing slips by.

Basic Membership

Checkin' The Mail


We get questions all the time via email, text, social media messages, and phone calls. Many of those questions, and the answers to them, have made it into the Checkin' the Mail video library for you to learn, as well.

Do you have a question, drop us a line. We'll answer it as best we can, and it might even end up as another episode in this series.

Basic Membership

Adobe CC Practical Jokes

Have a little fun in the office!

Before you can play these tricks on your colleagues, you have to understand the technology. So Russell will first show you how the various tools and techniques in the Adobe software work. THEN he'll show you how you can use them to play some pranks on your coworkers.

It's all harmless fun and you get to learn something new along the way.

Basic Membership

Pro Membership

Ah, so you want the whole enchilada, eh? With your Pro Membership you can have it. In fact, you can have your cake AND eat it. You get everything from the others plans PLUS the entire video library, including all courses. Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

Adobe Illustrator Kindergarten

Have fun getting started with Illustrator!

So you've never used Illustrator, eh? Or you've used it a bit, but don't really know what's going on? Well this course is for you.

It's designed to get you started having fun creating in a short period of time by showing you basic tools that are easy to learn, yet powerful for graphic creation and editing.

Even veteran users have told us they learned so many new tools and techniques from watching this series.

Pro Membership

Adobe InDesign Kindergarten

Let's get started with the basics

InDesign is a massive, powerful, software application that can be overwhelming, even for experienced users. So let's tackle it one bite at a time, starting with some simple lessons to get you creating as soon as possible.

This is not a course just showing how a bunch of random tools work. No, this course focuses on tools and techniques you'll use the most. With the knowledge from this course you'll be able to create all sorts of real documents, not just stuff for fun.

Pro Membership

The Adobe Photo Ecosystem

Coming Soon!

Adobe's photo tools extend far beyond Photoshop. In fact, some might say Photoshop isn't the main tool today's photographers use. The current list includes, in addition to Photoshop, Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom Web, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop iPad.

So which tool is the right tool for the job? How do they work together? Do they work together? Do we even need Photoshop, anymore. Oh, so many questions, and we're just getting started.

It's not an easy answer, thus this new course that helps all photographers, beginners and veterans, alike, understand and master the modern Adobe Photo Ecosystem.

Pro Membership

The Nitty Gritty of Adobe InDesign

Let's see what InDesign can really do?

Now that you've used InDesign a bit, you might be wondering if you're doing things the best way, using the tools properly, or, maybe if there are features you don't know about that would be useful.

This course is designed to take your InDesign skills to the next level. No more Kindergarten for you, so put away the glue sticks and safety scissors.

This course isn't just about tools, though. We cover techniques that help you work faster, including features that help automate your workflow, saving you hours of work on your projects.

Pro Membership

Roadrunner Rikke

We're creating a children's book, and you can watch!

One of the projects Julia & Russell are working on gets it's own course. Included in here are videos that show you what they are doing in the research, writing, character development, environment development, creation, and even final production of their first children's book.

It's a work in progress, so look for announcements of updates as we continue to move closer to the finish line.

Pro Membership

The Rabbit Hole

Follow the Rabbit to your next Learning Experience!


Pro Membership

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